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Services and Readings

         Soul Level Animal                   Communication®

Soul Level Animal Communication® takes communicating with our beloved animals to a whole new level! Behaviour issues we're experiencing from our pets, both funny and frustrating, are helping us to evolve as humans! When connecting deeply with our pets on this level, they share the bigger picture as to why their behaving the way they do and how this behaviour is showing something within ourselves we've come here to learn and work on. Here are a few results that can come from a Soul Level Reading:


                   ♥Answers to questions you have for your pet

                 ♥Help in solving your pet's behaviour issues

                 ♥Help in learning a lesson your pet is teaching you

                 ♥A closer bond with your pet than you had before

                 ♥Learning how your pet is feeling

                 ♥Learning about yourself and how to grow

Whether your beloved pet is alive, transitioning or already crossed over, I'm able to connect in and deliver the messages your amazing pet wants to lovingly share with you.

     Soul Level Animal Communication® 20 Minute Reading:

During this Intuitive Reading, I'll intuitively connect in with you, then with your animal. You'll then get to ask one question about your animal and then we'll proceed to find out what Soul Level Lesson your pet is working on with you!

    Soul Level Animal Communication® 45 Minute Reading:

During this more in-depth Intuitive Reading, I'll intuitively connect in with you and then with your animal. You'll be able to ask 2 questions about your animal and then we'll proceed into a more in-depth look at what Soul Level Lesson your pet is working on with you!

**Please refrain sharing any information about you or your pet prior to any reading or in any emails prior to a reading**                                                 Thank you

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    Stars and Cards

                     COMING SOON

       Soul Level Intuitive                         Coaching®

                    COMING SOON

Which Soul Level lessons have you come to learn? In this lifetime and throughout other lifetimes as well, we've all incarnated to learn lessons our Soul has chosen for us to learn. Many of these lessons are the reasons why we might fear moving forward in this life or maybe just don't feel good enough within ourselves. Soul Level Coaching® is a process where I connect in with my Spirit Guides but also with your Spirit Guides! While our Spirit Guides lead the way, we'll begin to unravel where these deep seeded negative beliefs once began and how to consciously move forward so our true authentic self can emerge!


Soul Level Coaching® teaches us how to allow the Soul to begin to live the life it was always destined to live. When learning the steps on how to empower oneself with these coaching sessions, we begin to let ourselves move forward and learn what true unconditional love really means. We learn how to consciously choose what our Soul is yearning for!


During these coaching sessions, I create a safe, loving and respectful environment to learn in and I'm truly honored when witnessing the positive changes that empower you to be the unique authentic person you were always meant to be!

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