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Bringing Insight with Clarity

Intuitive Coaching,     Animal Communication and Astrology with         Christie Wilson

Meet Christie

Certified Intuitive Practitioner

Hi! I'm an Intuitive Soul Level Animal Communicator®, a Soul Level Intuitive Coach® and an Astrologer. It's my passion to help bring insight into Soul lessons that we've all incarnated to learn. Whether it's your beloved pet leading your session, my amazing Spiritual Guides or an Astrology reading, you'll discover what these lessons are for you and how to overcome these obstacles.


What I Specialize In

Soul Level Animal Communication® Readings

Stars and Cards

Soul Level Intuitive Coaching®

Wandering Traveler

The Journey Towards Healing Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Christie's Soul Message pet reading was such a beautiful experience! The messages that came through rang true and have offered a doorway to greater depth and connection with my cat that brought me to tears and left me feeling even more blessed to have him in my life. Having a reading with Christie is a valuable opportunity to connect with the greater purpose and meaning of your relationship with your pet through the voice and vision of someone who loves animals so much and has so much respect and reverence for all of the ways that our pets support and guide us in life.

Larissa & Boutros

I am so thankful for the reading I had with Christie. It was affirming, touching, insightful, and funny all at the same time. Christie's reading truly got to the bigger picture in terms of the relationship Simba and I have, and the roles we play in each others' lives. She was able to speak to who we are with accuracy and at a level of detail that couldn't have been a coincidence. Additionally, Christie confirmed what I had suspected Simba was put in my life to teach me. I've had readings before, both for Simba and myself. What struck me about Christie's reading was that I felt calm all the way through, and came out of it energized and excited. Christie has a calm, clear way of communicating, and I never at all felt rushed in the process. I'm so thankful that Christie's come into our lives, and I'm grateful to know she's available as a resource to help us continue to grow together.

Brittany Tam

I was curious and excited to work with Christie, but I had no idea what a powerful and transformative message would come through from my dear cat, Valentine. After asking my question and getting reassurance that it was time for me to travel, and that he would be fine staying behind, Christie started asking him what he was here to teach me at a soul level. The messages that came through gave me a level of peace, profound hope, and connection that I have not experienced before. I had no idea that Valentine was here to support me and help me raise my own vibration (even though I know he was helping me heal); that his mission was about seeing me soar. Having this reading gave me so much insight, and was delivered by Christie with so much compassion, love, and gentleness. I felt extremely comfortable with her and cannot wait to work with her again, perhaps next time with another pet.

With Gratitude and hugs,

Dawn Bennett

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